Accessibility Advisory Committee


 Want to help make public libraries more accessible?

Public Library InterLINK is looking for four people with accessibility challenges or lived experience of disability to serve on its Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC). Committee members will make recommendations on a range of initiatives to make public libraries more accessible and inclusive and will serve for up to a two-year term.

Specifically, the Committee will:

  • provide guidance and recommendations on the Accessibility Plan
  • identify barriers to accessibility in local public libraries and recommend ways to remove and prevent them
  • advise on libraries’ feedback mechanisms to receive comments from about accessibility and provide advice on responses to feedback received through this mechanism.

Please fill out the Volunteer Form or reach out to the InterLINK Office by January 31, 2023.



What's the term?

Volunteers participate for up to a two-year term, beginning January 1, 2023. They may serve for up to two consecutive terms.

What are the time commitments?

Presently, we are planning for the AAC to meet monthly for the first 3 months and quarterly after that. These meetings may take place in-person (in Vancouver) and/or online (via video conference). The meeting schedule and format will be determined by AAC members once the AAC is established. We sincerely welcome individual needs being shared with us so we may support full participation. We recognize that this will look different for each person. Additionally, there is the possibility of each meeting being recorded upon consent from members to support the reflection and review of the matters that are discussed and shared with all members. Privacy and confidentiality extend to these recordings.

Is there compensation?

In recognition of the value of lived experience and appreciation of the time given, and emotional labour involved, each member of the AAC will be provided with a $200 honorarium per meeting. This can take the form of a cheque or gift card. In addition to this honorarium, travel expenses, parking and/or support costs to participate in these meetings will be reimbursed.

What experience or skills are necessary?

Public libraries recognize lived experience as expertise and the importance of ‘nothing about us without us’ (that those with relevant lived experience must be meaningfully involved). We are looking for AAC members with relevant lived experience and skills to provide honest strategic advice to local libraries regarding Accessibility as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. To best achieve our purpose, we are seeking individuals with relevant experience in the understanding of current and emerging issues related to disability and accessibility; and general knowledge of, and/or interest in, public libraries.

In selecting members for the AAC, we will consider all information shared with us in order to make the most informed decision possible. We acknowledge the presence of both comparison and competition in selection processes and take accountability for our role in making this imperfect process transparent and inclusive.