NewToBC: Library Champions Project


Gain volunteer work experience and help other newcomers discover public libraries!

Are you a newcomer to Canada who loves public libraries? Do you want to gain Canadian work experience, build skills, meet new people, and give back to your community? Volunteer as a Library Champion!

The Library Champions Project trains newcomer volunteers to share their passion for public libraries and to raise awareness about library and settlement services in their communities.

You could be a Library Champion if you are:

  • 19 years of age or older; 
  • A permanent resident of Canada, but not yet a Canadian citizen;
  • Enthusiastic about public libraries; and
  • Interested in helping other newcomers about learn about library and settlement services and resources in their communities.

As a Library Champion, you will:

  • Take part four training sessions to build your communication and presentation skills and to increase your knowledge about library and settlement services and resources in your community;
  • Meet new people and connect with organizations in your community;
  • Get Canadian volunteer work experience;
  • Practice speaking and writing English and build your confidence in public speaking;  
  • Make a valuable contribution to your community; and
  • Receive a certificate of achievement once you have completed the project.

Since the Library Champions Project's inception in 2013, NewToBC has delivered cycles of the project in communities across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. To date, NewToBC has trained nearly 1500 Library Champions who have made contact with other 85,000 newcomers in their communities. 

For more information on the Library Champions Project, please visit the Library Champions Project page on the NewToBC website or contact one of the project’s facilitators (Branka Vlasic at or Nina Miller at

The Library Champions Project is administered by NewToBC. NewToBC is library settlement partnership managed by Public Library InterLINK and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. To find out more about NewToBC, please visit the NewToBC website.


 Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada