How can I use InterLINK?

You may use one library card to borrow library materials anywhere in the InterLINK system. You are eligibile to do this if:

• You live in a community served by InterLINK, or
• You have a valid library card from any InterLINK library
• You register that card at any of the other InterLINK libraries.

When you register you need one InterLINK library card of your choice and identification that shows your current address. Library websites provide information on their membership process and normally list acceptable i.d.

What if I already have several Library Cards?

You can choose to use any one of these cards at all lnterLINK libraries. Most people choose to use the card from their home town/city. You may return the cards you no longer need and have staff register the card number you prefer to use in other InterLINK library databases.

Is there a charge for using InterLINK?

No. InterLINK is funded by member libraries and a grant from the Ministry of Education.

How much can I borrow and for how long?

The number of items and the length of time you can borrow them varies between libraries. You will need to follow the policies of the lending library.

Where should I return the material I have borrowed?

You may return all InterLINK materials to any InterLINK library, but they are not cleared from your record until they reach the lending library. InterLINK operates a delivery network moving materials among the 18 member libraries.

How do I pay for late, lost or damaged materials?

The costs are paid at the lending library.

What if I can't get to the other libraries to borrow the material I want?

If you can't visit other libraries directly, you may ask for materials to be sent from one library to another. This is called an Interlibrary Loan. You will arrange this with the library where you wish to pick up the materials. See that library's website for instructions on how to request an Interlibrary Loan.  

How is the InterLINK service different from BC OneCARD?

As a resident of the InterLINK area, you have full borrowing privileges at all our member libraries. Some libraries participating in BC OneCARD have restrictions on the number or type of items you may borrow.

How do I obtain more information about BC OneCard?

The BC OneCard service allows you to register for library service at any public library in the province if you can show a library card from another B.C. public library. You will need to provide current contact information and show identification with your current address as well. You will be given a BC OneCard that you can use at all other public libraries outside of the InterLINK service area.

For more information ask at your home library or check their website, or go to the following link and click on BC OneCard: