About InterLINK

What InterLINK Does

  • Facilitates open access to 18 member libraries for all residents and provides delivery service
  • Coordinates Audiobook services
  • Supports Interlibrary Loan
  • Manages and distributes net compensation funds to net service providers
  • Coordinates collaborative activities to support and benefit members
  • Develops partnerships to support InterLINK and expand open access
  • Provides a forum for member communication
  • Acts as an advocate for libraries

What InterLINK Believes in

  • the support of strong local libraries.
  • the provision of open access to member library services to all residents.
  • the support of resource sharing as an effective means of providing quality public library service.
  • the development and implementation of collaborative service efficiencies and enhancements for member libraries.
  • working cooperatively with all member libraries and treating each other with trust and respect.
  • doing together what members can most effectively do together.

Why InterLINK works


  • It provides equitable and open access to resources.
  • It optimises existing resources.
  • It responds to public demand for access to resources.
  • It builds consensus and fosters collaboration.
  • It provides leadership in collaborative activities.
  • It makes economic sense.